Some of the Projects Completed by HİSE Technical Consultancy:

Our company carries out technical consultancy activities in different fields such as Urban Transformation, Superstructure, Social Facility, Farm that require expertise in their field.
  • Within the scope of BOLU province, Gerede district Urban Transformation Project, right ownership determination, Valuation, Geological Survey study, Zoning plan study, Urban Design, Architectural Project, Zoning Practices, Settlement Negotiations and Tender Technical Document studies
  • Within the scope of Urban Transformation and Development Project in 34 Hectares in Eğriçam Neighborhood of Yenişehir District of MERSİN Province, Determination of Right Ownership, Valuation, Preparation of Current Map, Zoning Plan Work, Urban Design, Architectural Type Projects, Preparation of 3D Visualization and Animation Film, Legal and Technical Document Works Based on Settlement Negotiations
  • Within the scope of the Urban Transformation project of approximately 3.6 hectares within the boundaries of Giresun Province, Central District, Kale Neighborhood; Rights determination and Real Estate valuation, Preparation of zoning plans, Urban design project, Establishment of Mathematical and Financial Model, Reconciliation Process with Right Holders
  • Research Project of Income Generating Activities for Rural Development on Transportation Route, Feasibility study of 1.7 million square meters area on Antalya-Konya highway route in Seydişehir District of Konya Province.
  • Preparation of TARİŞ Olive and Olive Oil Agricultural Sales Cooperative Union Construction Surveying-Restitution and Restoration Projects.
  • 4th Corps Command Çiğiltepe Lodgings Comprehensive Maintenance and Repair Service project of the buildings with album number 1984-BET-053/064/065/066.
  • Tourism Master Plan of SİVAS Castle.
Some of the ongoing projects of HİSE Technical Consultancy:
  • "Architectural Preliminary, Architectural Application and Engineering Applications Projects", 1/500 and 1/1000 Scaled Urban Design Project (Including Preparation of 3D Model and Animation), Relief, Restitution and Restoration Project Service Procurement of Registered Buildings of the Risky Area Announced by the Decision of the Board of Ministers No. 2013/5511 in Giresun Province, Merkez District, Kale Neighborhood
  • Sakarya Site Urban Transformation Study Consultancy Service Work on Block 8155, Parcel 1 on İzmir-Çeşme Road, Çeşme District, Boyalık Quarter, İzmir
  • MKE Steel Plant Free Open Forging Plant Construction Consultancy and Technical Consultancy Service