Investment policies that have developed as a result of the changing supply-demand balances in the last 10 years have started to build national and international projects in every region of our country. Our country has become a preferred country for investment purposes in terms of the real estate sector. HİSE Technical Consultancy is based in Ankara. It is a company serving all over the world.

Urban Transformation

Urban transformation is the work of arranging the ownership in places that are distorted, obsolete, sensitive to disasters and urban risks, with insufficient infrastructure and unqualified, intensely structured, legal or against zoning in accordance with the data of the new zoning plan.

Some of the services provided by HİSE Technical Consultancy within the scope of urban transformation:
  • Urban Transformation Consultancy Work
  • Urban Transformation Legislation Training
  • Zoning Implementation based on Urban Transformation (Master Zoning Plan, Conservation Development Plan, Implementary Development Plan)
  • Urban Design Projects Based on Urban Transformation
  • Architectural Projects Based on Urban Transformation (Preliminary-Application)
  • Construction Surveying Restitution Restoration Projects Based on Urban Transformation
  • Exploration, Quantification and Cost Analysis Based on Urban Transformation
  • Electrical-Mechanical Application Projects Based on Urban Transformation
  • Design of Landscape Elements Based on Urban Transformation
  • Current Map Making Based on Urban Transformation
  • Preparation of 3D visualization and animation film based on Urban Transformation
  • Current Situation -Project Model Construction Based on Urban Transformation
Planning and Project
  • Zoning Application at all scales (Master Zoning Plan, Conservation Development Plan, Implementary Development Plan)
  • Tourism Master Plan
  • Urban Design Projects
  • Transportation Planning
  • Street Improvement
  • Architectural Projects (Preliminary-Application)
  • Construction Surveying Restitution Restoration Project
  • Exploration, quantification, and cost analysis
  • Electrical-Mechanical Application Projects
  • Design of landscaping elements
  • Current map making
  • Preparation of 3D visualization and animation film
  • Current Situation-Project Model Construction
  • Preparation of urban and regional research reports
  • Project and investment management
  • Region and location analytical survey and analysis studies
  • Survey studies for project expectation analysis and analysis and reporting of the study
  • Project specific feasibility studies
  • Sectorial analyses
  • SWOT / GFZT analysis studies
  • Best and Most Efficient Utilization Analysis
Technical Consultancy

“Technical consultant is the person or organization that provides intellectual services based on technology on the natural or built environment in line with his/her knowledge and experience”.

Technical Consultancy: It refers to all kinds of services such as planning, project design, architectural engineering study, feasibility, map design, quantity survey, exploration, administrative and technical specifications and tender file preparation, tender evaluation, professional control, construction control, design control, commissioning, project and investment management and similar services to joint venture groups consisting of natural persons or legal persons or real persons and/or legal persons, excluding salaried, paid, casual and contracted personnel employed in accordance with the laws, regulations and regulations.

Consultant Engineer and Architecture Service;
  • Having experience in one or more branches of engineering and architecture, having sufficient theoretical and practical knowledge, providing idea service based on technology, knowledge and thought on natural or built environment,
  • Undertaking the duties in the fields covering the technical consultancy work subjects,
  • The independent consultant engineering and architecture in accordance with the rules of professional ethics recognized both nationally and internationally.
Technical Consulting Services

We serve as HİSE Technical Consultancy for the provision of Technical Consultancy Services and Application Control services for Public Buildings, factories, and all kinds of Houses.

Construction Application Services
  1. Construction management
  2. Field engineering
  3. Inspection
  4. Supervision of construction